Patriot Acts


From the Chicago Tribune

Nallamothu places a human face on families caught between national security and immigration bureaucracy in the Department of Homeland Security program . . . It's too bad she wasn't allowed access to the actual special registration proceedings, but what she does get, hanging out in law offices and homes, is gold.

Robert K. Elder
The Chicago Tribune
March 26, 2004

From the Chicago Reader

The Bush administration's heartless and xenophobic new immigration policies, which often imply that we have more to fear from ordinary Muslims than from people like Timothy McVeigh, have had real human consequences, and this video documentary by Sree Nallamothu examines just a couple of cases. Focusing on the routine harassment of two north-side men—a dancer and a father who came to the U.S. seeking medical care for his two blind children—Nallamothu shows how easily government resources can be wasted and innocent lives blighted once nationality and ethnicity are automatically treated with suspicion.

Jonathan Rosenbaum
The Chicago Reader
March 25, 2004

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From NOW Magazine

This is a workmanlike documentary that will make the USA's Patriot Act personal for you if it isn't already . . . What's sobering in light of Canada's dicey deportation record is that many people in the film move here to make refugee claims when the States starts to feel too threatening.

Wendy Banks
NOW Magazine, Toronto
March 20-26, 2004
Issue 1166, Vol 23, No. 38


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